Ontario Dirt Competition Committee Releases 2020 Rules

Wednesday, January 29th, 2020 – The Promoters of the Ontario Dirt Competition Committee (ODCC) met with the committee members back in December to work on some clarifications in both the Mini Stock and Thunder Stock rules and they are now finalized on the ODCC web site https://ontariodirtcomp.com/rules/

ODCC member tracks include Brighton Speedway, Humberstone Speedway, Merrittville Speedway and Ohsweken Speedway with the committee members being made up of the four promoters, a tech official from each track and the division champion from each track.

“We set down this path of coming together on a common set of rules last season, it has taken a lot of work but we really feel like we have made a lot of progress and it is for the better of the classes” states Brighton Speedway promoter Mark Rinaldi.

As mentioned in year one of the program the Thunder Stock rules were put in place for a three year period, this was done in order to save drivers money limiting the amount of change and therefore saving drivers money.  With this in mind there are no significant changes in the Thunder Stock rules and really just some clarification on last year existing rules and a few body rules.  Similarly with the Mini Stocks, the rules have pretty much stayed status quo with minimal changes.

The Ontario Dirt Competition Committee rules will be used for the 2020 Insta-Panels Duel on the Dirt Series. Insta-Panels returns as the title sponsor of the Duel on the Dirt Series for the third consecutive season.  “With record car counts at most Duel in the Dirt events and strong weekly car counts there is no need for significant change and I believe the committee members were all happy with the route we are going” states Rinaldi.

As a reminder drivers are encouraged to submit their questions or comments to the committee through the ODCC web site at https://ontariodirtcomp.com/contact/

About the Ontario Dirt Competition Committee: The Ontario Dirt Competition Committee was created to govern the rules for both street stock and mini stock-type racecars at five Ontario dirt tracks, including Brighton Speedway in Brighton, Ont., Humberstone Speedway in Port Colborne, Ont., Merrittville Speedway in Thorold, Ont., and Ohsweken Speedway in Six Nations, Ont.